Orders and Returns

New Customer Requirements

  • An ABN is required;
  • All first orders are paid up-front and customer must fill in a credit application form on ordering;
  • Minimum initial order = $1000 with adherence to minimum quantities per style. Any new customers must take on at least 3 products from any story. If they take the whole story we will include a display unit;
  • Koh orders expire after 10 working days if payment is not received. Koh will confirm the invoice has been received by the customer, and the onus is on the customer to schedule payment within the 10 day period.
  • Credit application form must be filled in prior to any first orders being sent.


Minimum re-order = $250 with adherence to minimum quantities per style.

Payment Options

  • 30 days from invoice date with approved credit application of initially up to $2000 per month;
  • Koh accepts payment by Visa, MasterCard, cheque, and direct deposit by EFT or Cash. Please note down your invoice number as a reference for any direct deposits so that we can allocate your payment;
  • Koh applies a 1.5% fee for credit card payments by Visa or Mastercard;
  • All payments for customers on account are due 30 days after shipping. Any accounts that are past due will not be shipped new orders until all past due invoices are current;
  • Any accounts past due over 90 days will be given to our collection agents;
  • Koh accepts proof of payment via fax or email, and will treat it as payment confirmation required to approve immediate dispatch.

Prices & Return Policy

  • Prices are wholesale prices plus GST, and are subject to change without notice;
  • We provide a money back guarantee so if within 30 days you aren't happy with the sales, freight back to us all remaining products (at your freight cost), and we will provide a refund. 

Delivery & Shipping Charges

  • Actual freight and handling charges will be charged at the time of dispatch, and this may vary to the quotation provided in the online ordering system, especially for rurally located customers;
  • Items will normally be shipped via Direct Freight for Australian orders;
  • International freight is be organised by the customer.

Pre-ordering stock

  • Koh will reserve stock arriving at Koh in the future for customers on a 30-day account;
  • For customers who choose to pay up front, stock arriving at Koh in the future can be reserved if customers provide credit card details for processing on dispatch. 
  • We do not do back orders
  • Exclusivity – Customers only get exclusivity when they order on a regular basis and have a good selection of our product categories. When customers cease to order within a 3-month period, they lose their exclusivity status


  • All claims must be made within 7 days of order receipt;
  • Claims are valid for 3 months from the date on the claim notice provided by Koh;
  • Broken/Damaged/Missing goods are to be credited, rather than replaced, unless otherwise advised by Koh Living.  An exception may be when a subsequent order is being dispatched, and the claim is made at the time so that a broken/damaged/missing goods can be added to the dispatch;
  • Shipping and handling charges are not refundable.

Account information

Koh will provide statements periodically, and upon request to our toll free number 1800 811 598 or by email to

Customer Care

Need help? We're available by phone or email weekdays 9am – 5pm AEST.

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