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Anna Blatman

Anna Blatman

Anna Blatman has been making people happy with her colourful Australian animal-inspired artwork for over 30 years. A portion of Anna Blatman x Koh Living’s animal collection sales go to help disadvantaged Australian children gain an education.
Annette Nungala

Annette Nungala

Annette Nungala Peterson was born at Neutral Junction, between Alice Springs and Tennant Creek. Annette works at the Epenarra School where she dedicates her time to teaching language and culture to young ones. Annette started painting as a young girl.
Khatija Possum

Khatija Possum

For Khatija Possum, painting is in her blood. A descendant of the famous Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri, Khatija has paved her own way and made a name for herself in the art world. 
Melanie Hava

Melanie Hava

Melanie Hava combines her Aboriginal and Austrian heritage through her artwork, with European architecture found alongside Northern Queensland’s reef and rainforest.
Michelle Possum

Michelle Possum

Michelle Possum was born at Napperby Station, near Alice Springs. She was taught her father Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri. Clifford is the most renowned painter of the founding group of Papunya artists.
Pammy Foster

Pammy Foster

Pammy is a Waramungu and Alyawarr woman born in Tennant Creek. She began painting from an early age, learning from her aunt Susie Peterson and her grandmother Jessie Peterson, both well-known artists from Wutunugurra.

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We know from personal experience that people love our products and they fly off the shelves - we stock them in our own store and frequently place in the top 5 brands for many of our retailers! But we know you want to feel fully confident with your order. That’s why we take the pressure off with our 4-week guarantee period. If your stock simply isn’t selling, we can take it back.

Many retailers stock products of either great quality or great value. At Koh Living, we think it’s better to stock products of great quality AT great value. So to ensure reasonable retail prices, we sell our gifts in manageable pack sizes instead of individually.

We know a complete story always looks best in a retail store, but if you’re limited on space or budget, don’t worry. Just take a minimum of 3 designs and 3 products to start with, or better yet we can work with you to maximise the value of your displays!

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Koh Living founders and best friends, Tui and Nyree, are over 15 years into their journey of connecting people through beautiful and meaningful giftware. Discover unique gifts that sell from established Australian artists, Kathleen Buzzacott, Melanie Hava, Anna Blatman and more.