Koh Living Summer/Spring 2021 Virtual Trade Fair


To attend Koh Living’s Spring Summer Virtual Trade Fair, simply fill in the details below.



2020 and 2021 have been tough years for many businesses across Australia, especially for retailers. One thing we have learned is that we cannot plan far ahead for anything. Therefore, Koh Living has made the decision to bring our trade fair to you, in the comfort and safety of your own home.  

This year we have gone over and above to not only make it easy for you to find new products, but also to create some of the most beautiful and unique art-inspired gifts you have seen. We have also teamed up with a new artist to create a new Christmas collection that will have you jumping hoops all the way to the other side of Australia.

You will receive a link to view the virtual trade show in July. You will also receive an invite to schedule a live appointment for your own personalised trade fair where we can answer all your questions and requests on the spot. 

You will be inspired by our collection of new art-inspired gifts, and with our product displays which you can go on to replicate in your own stores. We look forward to seeing you in space!